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Hans Lindgren

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Hans is the owner/operator of the Alexandra Hills Chiropractic Centre, located within the Alexandra Hills Shopping Centre on the corner of Finucane Rd and Cambridge Drive in Alexandra Hills, Queensland.

Hans graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (England) in 1984, and ran his own Chiropractic Clinic in Sweden before moving to Australia and opening the Alexandra Hills Chiropractic Centre in 1994.   With over 35 years’ experience as a Chiropractor, Hans is able to offer both traditional chiropractic treatment for symptom relief and, depending upon the Client’s needs, can also assess and educate in how to correct faulty movement patterns for both rehabilitation and improved overall performance.

Special interests of the Alexandra Hills Chiropractic Centre 

Functional rehabilitation involving the DNS principles:

In 2001 Hans began studying DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) developed in the Czech Republic by Professor Pavel Kolar. DNS is a method designed to activate functional stabilization of the spine and extremity joints. In 2009 Hans became one of the first DNS qualified practitioners in Australia, and he will regularly incorporate DNS principles into treatments. Hans has found functional rehabilitation with the DNS inclusion will give a more comprehensive treatment.

Sports Performance and Functional Stabilization

Utilising his extensive fitness background Hans runs courses for personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches, and he regularly treats athletes both for acute and chronic injuries, as well as injury prevention and improved sports performance.


A particular interest at the Alexandra Hills Chiropractic Centre is baby development – a NO ADJUSTMENT activation of a baby’s ideal development patterns.  Hans’ extensive experience in Developmental Kinesiology - baby development – shows many problems in the adult population can be traced back to insufficient development of functional stabilization in the first year of life. Babies can therefore be assessed and if required the correct stabilization programs can gently be activated. 


 17 April 2020

COVID-19 update for Alexandra Hills Chiropractic Centre


Alexandra Hills Chiropractic Centre will reopen for limited appointments from Monday 20th April. 

Our reduced Clinic hours for the next fortnight will be:


Monday from 2pm

Wednesday from 8am

Thursday from 2pm

Friday from 8am


and we will regularly reassess opening times/hours of operation according to current Queensland Health recommendations.

We will be closely following Social Distancing and hygiene guide-lines and as always, ask that if you are feeling unwell you please wait until better before making an appointment with us.


Hans & Libby


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